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Public sites

If you flag art as 'public' it will be available on the public site.

This site can be embedded as an iframe on your own website to show a selection of your art.

You can even filter on categories like year and art-typ.


There are 2 kind of licenses; Free license and Professional license.

A Free license can be converted to a Professional license at any time, after the Professional license period is over the license can be renewed or converted back to a Free license.

License type comparison

FunctionalityFree licenseProfessional license
Duration3 months3, 6 or 12 months
Number of objects (consignments/artobjects)1001000*
Diskspace (photo's/documents)50Mb1000Mb*
Photo's per artobject15
Export inventory data
Export contact data
Label printing
Mail merge
No adverts
Online consignments
Add/edit your own labels
Define preferred suppliers
Settlement print forms
Share documents
Multiple logins
Support available
You can test the Professional version on our Demo Site for free.

* More available for an additional fee


For further information about the Arttracker Softwaresoftware, please contact us:

By using our contact form

By postal mail: Arttracker Software, Spoordonkseweg 9, NL-5688 KB Oirschot.